Corporate Communication

  • Communications audits
  • Communications strategies and communications plans
  • Strategic consulting on communication
  • Tactical daily consulting pertaining to communication
  • Communication with different target groups and stakeholders
  • Development and implementation of Public Relations projects

Media Relations

  • Writing and editing press releases, articles and other press materials
  • Initiating proactive media coverage
  • Press conferences and media events
  • Media related training
  • Quantitative and qualitative media analysis
  • Monitoring of attitudes

Marketing Communication and Product PR

  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Writing, editing and publishing clients newspapers, brochures and other materials
  • Content audits of web pages
  • Writing and editing webpage texts
  • Composing presentations
  • Events for clients and partners
  • Supporting marketing campaigns through communications activities

Change and Crisis Communications

  • 24h preparedness for crisis communications
  • Crisis training, including simulation
  • Crisis communication manuals

Finance and Investor Relations

  • Strategic and tactical planning of investor relations
  • Writing and editing of stock releases
  • Writing, editing and publishing of quarterly reports, yearly reports and yearbooks
  • Initial Public Offering and Mergers and Acquisitions communications

Internal Communication

  • Consulting on internal communications
  • Internal communications audits
  • Employees’ satisfaction and motivation survey
  • Mapping the movement of information
  • Content audits of internal documents, internal web and other internal communication channels
  • Content administration of internal communication channels: writing and editing texts

Socio-political Public Relations (lobby)

  • Analysis and monitoring of the decision making process
  • Creating messages
  • Mapping of interest groups
  • Creating contacts with interest groups and the transmission of information

Sponsorship and Charity

  • Managing sponsorship relations
  • Sponsorship audits
  • Sponsorship strategies
  • Developing and implementing sponsorship projects
  • Supporting sponsorship projects with other communications activities
  • Writing, editing and publishing corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environment reports